When done by machines, increasingly more prevalent translation software, or in a machine-like manner, translation can be a really great and lucrative craft, but good and reliable translation, which is so sought after by serious customers, is more of a creative, artistic, and expressive process.

The translator’s biggest challenge is to create a work that will retain, to the fullest possible extent and for the benefit of the end user, an original’s dynamic and intellectual potential, including all emotional, thematic, cultural, and linguistic facets, while making a new rendering of the work easily accessible to readers of the target language.

A good translator is expected to bring their own experience, expertise, and personality to every translation, transcreation, or proofing job they do. Once they get past the algorithmic aspect of translation, they enter a realm where proper word choice, grammatical, logical, and lexical interpretation, and the infusion of tone, register, and style can completely transform a text from one meaning to another, even if the words themselves remain similar.

At Dialektikus, you can choose from many language combinations and areas of expertise, with the following ones constituting our core activity:

Albanian-English and English-Albanian translations

Bulgarian-English and English-Bulgarian translations

Croatian-English and English-Croatian translations

Czech-English and English-Czech translations

Danish-English and English-Danish translations

Dutch-English and English-Dutch translations

Estonian-English and English-Estonian translations

Finnish-English and English-Finnish translations

French-English and English-French translations

German-English and English-German translations

Greek-English and English-Greek translations

Hungarian-English and English-Hungarian translations

Icelandic-English and English-Icelandic translations

Italian-English and English-Italian translations

Latvian-English and English-Latvian translations

Lithuanian-English and English-Lithuanian translations

Macedonian-English and English-Macedonian translations

Norwegian-English and English-Norwegian translations

Polish-English and English-Polish translations

Portuguese-English and English-Portuguese translations

Romanian-English and English-Romanian translations

Russian-English and English-Russian translations

Serbian-English and English-Serbian translations

Slovak-English and English-Slovak translations

Slovene-English and English-Slovene translations

Spanish-English and English-Spanish translations

Swedish-English and English-Swedish translations

Ukrainian-English and English-Ukrainian translations